Munich SUMMER Tango WEEKEND – Pfingsten

Munich SUMMER Tango WEEKEND: Karten an der Abendkasse für alle Milongas verfügbar. Der Vorverkauf ist beendet. 

Munich Summer Tango Weekend: Samstag-Montag: 3 Tage & Nächte Tango Tanzen in enger Umarmung mit den besten DJs und den liebsten Tänzern / Saturday-Monday: 3 days & nights dancing in close embrace with the best DJs and the loveliest dancers – We have added 1 hour of milonga on Saturday and Sunday evening starting at 21:00 now!

Tango fashion by GS Move, exhibition of Tango paintings by Harald Trepte, official photographer Charlotte Hammer

SAT 3 June:

14:00-19:00 Opening Milonga (Apertura) DJ David Mancini (Roma or Munich)


21:00-03:00 Milonga de Bienvenida DJ Céline Dévèze (Nice or Grasse)

SUN 4 June:

14:00-19:00 Milonga Sunday Spirit DJ Eric Heleno (Bayonne or Portugal)


21:00-03:00 Milonga Night Spirit DJ Marco Moretti (Paris or Italy)

MON 5 June:

14:00-19:00 Closing Milonga (Despedida) Hans-Peter Salzer (Regensburg or Ratisbona)



Milongapass €85 nur Vorauszahlung
Individual milongas Box office / Abendkasse: Afternoon milongas €25, evening milongas €27
Included are sweet & salty snacks, fruit, cake, pizza, tea, coffee, water


Gratis parken in der Engelhardstr. am Pfingstsonntag und Pfingstmontag. AM SAMSTAG bis 18:00 NUR 4 STUNDEN gratis parken MIT Parkscheibe. ACHTUNG, NICHT in den Feuerwehreinfahrten parken, denn es wird rigoros und ohne Vorwarnung  abgeschleppt!

WAS man in der Pause machen kann:

  • Yoga – wir haben Yogamatten
  • Duschen (im 1.OG) und umziehen (Umkleiden im 1.OG)
  • Ins Hotel gehen
  • An der Isar spazieren, joggen
  • Draußen auf der Terrasse chillen
  • etc.


Special Events @ SUR

Our special events in 2017 still to come:

3-5 June MUNICH SUMMER TANGO WEEKEND (PENTECOST / Pfingsten) – Encuentro-style Tango weekend with the best international DJs and traditional music only. Here you can find the programme. You can register online there, as well.

Double milonga / Doppelmilonga SUNDAY 30 July: 15:15-16:00 NeoTango Workshop, 16:00-19:30 NeoLonga with a top international DJ, 19:30-00:00 Traditional milonga with a top international DJ

Silvester Tango Weekend 29-31 December 2017 with optional workshops by Melina Sedó & Detlef Engel 28-29 December

To get an impression of what it’s like take a look at our photo albums from one of our Easter Tango weekends.

Munich Tango Weekends @ Sur 2017 Easter Edition Susanne Mühlhaus Photography

Munich Tango Weekend – EasterEdition 2017


We look forward to welcoming many dancers from afar as well as all the lovely local dancers!



Hotels near Milonga Sur and Tango Weekends

Hotels near Milonga Sur

Hotels in der Nähe – das nächste zuerst / Hotels close to Milonga Sur – in order of proximity

Milonga SUR and the Tango weekends at Sur take place at Freie Turnerschaft München Süd, Engelhardstr. 26, 81369 München. Please review carefully any comments by hotel guests to find the hotel that is best suited to your needs. Please be aware that prices can differ depending on when you book or depending on the booking platform or directly.

Ambassador Parkhotel***

Plinganserstraße 102, 81369 München
2 min. walk, prices start at €50

Leonardo Hotel München City West****

Brudermühlstraße 33, 81371 München

10 min walk, prices start at €69

Tel.: +49 89 72 4940

Hotel Amenity***

Passauerstr. 28, 81369 München

10 min. walk, prices start around €65

Tel.: +49 89 743 4700

Hotel CREO Munich City**

Kürnbergstraße 29, 81369 München

10 min. walk, prices start at ca. €40

Tel.: +49 89 209 40248

Hotel Ambiance Rivoli****

Albert-Roßhaupter-Straße 22, 81369 München

12 min. walk, prices around €83

+49 89 743 51 5992

The hotel has a Turkish bath (hamman) which you may have to pre-book.

Hotel Angelo by Vienna House Munich Westpark****

Albert-Roßhaupter-Straße 45, 81369 München

14 min. walk, prices around €95

Tel.: +49 89 411 1130

Hotel Carmen****

Hansastr. 146, 81373 München

15 min. walk, prices start at ca. €74

Tel.: 49 89 743 1410


Please note: Unfortunately, the Ambassador Park Hotel, which is only 5 min. from the venue, is closed over New Year!

Other accommodation options

Apart from staying at one of the hotels near milonga Sur there are other options. There are numerous hotels all across Munich. You may also want to check availability of private accommodation via airbnb and other providers.

Munich Easter Tango @ SUR

2017 Munich Easter Tango @ SUR

Saturday – Monday: 3 days – 6 traditional milongas close embrace encuentro-style & 2 NeoLongas

For the Love of Tango

Munich Easter Tango Weekend @ SUR

Ostersamstag – Ostermontag 2017 / Easter Saturday – Easter Monday 2017
6 Milongas mit 100% traditioneller Musik / 6 milongas with TRADITIONAL music Encuentro-Style (26,5 Stunden / hours)
2 NeoLongas (8 Stunden / hours)
We love a good ronda and respect the códigos and we want you to do so too 🙂
On Saturday and Sunday we have a NeoLonga sandwiched between 2 traditional milongas. Dancers who prefer traditional only may want to take a break during those hours and come back for more traditional in the evening. Dancers who both styles of music will like the change. 🙂

Programm & Preise Abendkasse:

Samstag / Saturday:
13:00-17:00 Milonga TRADITIONELL DJ Olli Eyding (München) €15
17:15-21:15 NeoLonga DJ Kirill Krasikow (St. Petersburg) €15
21:30-1:30 Milonga TRADITIONELL DJ Chris Grohs (München) €15

Ostersonntag / Easter Sunday:
13:00-17:00 Milonga TRADITIONELL DJ Theresa Faus (München) €15
17:15-21:15 NeoLonga (DJ Sabine Drescher) €15
21:30-1:30 Milonga TRADITIONELL DJ Harry Wohlfart (Frankfurt) €15

Ostermontag / Easter Monday:
13-18:00 Milonga TRADITIONELL DJ Philippe Bouillé (Lorient, Bretagne) €16
18:00-23:30 Milonga TRADITIONELL DJ Anthony Cronin (Dublin) €16

ACHTUNG: Man zahlt zunächst für alle Milongas, die an dem Tag noch stattfinden, also maximal €45 und erhält gegen Eintrittskarte Geld zurück, wenn man nicht für alle bleibt (gilt nicht für VVK-Karten)

The fees include sweet and salty snacks and tea, coffee, tap water. All other drinks have to be purchased via the bar at extra cost.

Location of all milongas: Engelhardstr. 26, 81369 München-Sendling


Information on hotels near the Tango Weekend location can be found