Charlas con Chicho – Gespräche mit Chicho Frúmboli

Gespräche von Susanne Mühlhaus mit Chicho – „Charlas con Chicho“, dem berühmten Tango-Maestro Mariano ‚Chicho‘ Frúmboli. Auf dem Tangofestival in Porec sprach Susanne Mühlhaus mit dem sonst so verschlossenen und unzugänglichen wichtigen Erneuerer des argentinischen Tango.

Chicho Frúmboli und Susanne Mühlhaus

Chicho Frúmboli im Gespräch mit Susanne Mühlhaus


2017 Pfingsten-Pentecost Tango Weekend

SAVE THE DATE!!! 3./4./5. Juni 2017 Pfingsten Tango Weekend im SUR!

Samstag-Montag: 3 Tage & Nächte Tango Tanzen in enger Umarmung mit den besten DJs und den liebsten Tänzern. / Saturday-Monday: 3 days & nights dancing in close embrace with the best DJs and the loveliest dancers

Confirmed DJs: Céline Dévèze (France)

Mehr Infos in Kürze / More information to follow soon…


Wochenüberblick über regelmäßige Termine mit Tango Sur – Susanne Mühlhaus in München und Freising

Sonntag: 18:30-19:30 Drop-in Class, alle Levels, 19:30-23:30 Milonga mit 100% traditioneller Musik, wechselnde DJs im SUR, Festsaal der Freien Turnerschaft München Süd, Engelhardstr. 26-28, München-Sendling, ACHTUNG: abweichende Zeiten bei gelegentlichen Sonderveranstaltungen. Bitte Kalender rechts beachten.

Dienstag: 1x im Monat (nächste Termin: 14.3., 11.4., 9.5.17) 19:00 Drop-in Class, 20:00 Milonga im Furtnerbräu Freising, Obere Hauptstr. 42

Ab und zu Special Events – nächstes Special Event: Munich Easter Tango @ SUR 15.-17. April = Ostersamstag-Ostermontag

Bitte die Termine zeitnah im Kalender rechts überprüfen. Änderungen und Irrtümer vorbehalten!

DJ Falko Guelberg

Variety and a good sound quality are important to me, drawing the dancers on the dance floor and not letting them go away again – maybe just as in the „golden age“ of Tango. Master of #Tangomaschine 😉

Abwechslung und gute Klangqualität sind mir wichtig, um die Tänzer auf die Tanzfläche zu bringen und nicht mehr fort zulassen – vielleicht wie in der ‚Epoca de Oro‘. Meister der #Tangomaschin 😉


DJ Alja Ferme

Alja from Slovenia keeps it simple. You will surely know the first song of her tanda and it will drag you to the dancefloor. And while she will carefully weave the evening through the tandas of various moods, those who know her will not be surprised that the evening will leave a pleasantly romantic aftertaste. She plays music from the 30s and 40s and despite being in love with Biagi and Di Sarli, you can always bet on a Canaro tanda or two.

Munich-Sendling around the Tango venue

Activities near the venue of Munich New Year’s Tango?

The Sendling Neighbourhood

The sports club Freie Turnerschaft München Süd is located in Munich-Sendling. This is a neighbourhood with residential housing covering the whole range from council housing to leafy streets with residences for the more affluent tucked away from the main roads.

Here are just a few suggestions on what to do or see around the venue in Sendling:

  • At Harras (where the U-Bahn-station is), admire some art nouveau style houses built around 1900.
  • Walk along the shores of the nearby river Isar to the Flaucher beergarden
  • Go swimming or relax in the sauna at the public swimming pool Südbad, Valleystraße 37, 81371 München (open from 7.30 a.m.-11 p.m. – exceptions may apply on 31 Dec and 1 Jan)
  • Visit Stemmerhof a small shopping centre with an old farm village atmosphere
  • What the guides won’t tell you: The somewhat controversial late Minister President of Bavaria Franz-Josef Strauß used to live in Sendling with his family for many years. First in a high-rise building in Listseeweg, later in Hirsch-Gereuth-Straße, one of the more leafy roads. He grew up in the Munich neighbourhood of Schwabing, in a rear building at Schellingstr. 44.

For more suggestions

visit At the top right click on international to view the information in other languages.

DJ Hans-Peter Salzer

I am a Musicalizador for Argentine Tango, living near Regensburg in Germany

I like to DJ using the traditional format in Tandas with Cortinas, selecting the Tangos from the 30s to the 50s.

  • In Regensburg I mix for the Tango12-Salon (softly mixed, 1 time per month on a Friday)
  • I am also DJ-ing in the south of Germany, Austria and other european countries
  • Additionally I give Workshops for DJs or talks and lectures about musicality for dancers or interested people.

I like to dance social Tango guided by the codigos in traditional Milongas and at Encuentros.

Personal style

  • danceable music is most important for me, selected just for dancers
  • the structure in Tandas with Cortinas supports the social way of dancing
  • energy, compas, melodies and singers present a big variety of clear or complex offers for the dancers – I think, I like to represent this variety in my selections
  • high-quality files combined with reasonable technology to enable hearing of specific tunes with an accommodating sound level
  • the traditional „standard-format“ in the cycles of: 4T-4T-3V-4T-4T-3M (or 4T-4T-4V-4T-4T-3M)
  • modifications of this format are possible for very short Milongas or for special events
  • from town to town the preferences of the dancers can be dissimilar – this preferences and studying the dancers on the danceflor are interacting with my selections of music
  • the „Epoca de Oro“ is the the fundament and the basic choice in the traditional format

DJ & Teacher Melina Sedó

Melina has been DJing (and greatly enjoying it) since 2004 at local tango events, as well as at international Festivals, Encuentros and Festivalitos all over Europe and the USA. Her goal is to create a harmonious flow of music for social dancers by finding the right balance between rhythmical and lyrical music from the late 20’s to the late 40’s. By adding one or two more dramatic tandas from the 50’s, Melina assures, that everyone will enjoy the energy of the Milonga. The happy faces of the dancers attest to that.

Melina started dancing tango in 1995, teaching in 2001 and travelling internationally in 2006. Together with her partner Detlef Engel, she has developed a very personal approach to tango that focusses on the wellbeing in a close embrace, on improvisation and on musicality. She has have built a reputation for outstanding pedagogical skills as well as for her special dedication to promote social tango beyond clichés or acrobatics. More about Melina on

Tangounterricht @ TSZ Freising

Tangounterricht in Freising

Neue Trainingszeiten Montags:

19:00-20:30 Einsteiger

20:30-22:00 Aufsteiger

Ort: 1. Tanzsportzentrum Freising, Schulstr. 10, 85356 Freising, Tel.: 08161 144888, Weitere Infos auf www.tsz-freising.deAnmeldung über das Tanzsportzentrum

Der Unterricht findet während der Schulzeit statt. In den bayerischen Schulferien findet kein Tangounterricht im Tanzsportzentrum Freising statt.

Neuer Kurszyklus jeweils im Oktober und Feb/März: