Special Events @ SUR

Our special events in 2017 still to come:

Silvester Tango Weekend 29-31 December 2017 with optional workshops by Melina Sedó & Detlef Engel 28-29 December

To get an impression of what it’s like take a look at our photo albums from one of our Easter Tango weekends.

Munich Tango Weekends @ Sur 2017 Easter Edition Susanne Mühlhaus Photography

Munich Tango Weekend – EasterEdition 2017

And in 2018

Double Milonga 11 Feb. 15:15 NeoTango Workshop. 16:00-19:30 NeoLonga, 19:30-24:00 Traditional Music!

Easter Tango Weekend 2018: 31 March – 2 April!

We are looking forward to welcoming many dancers from afar as well as all the lovely local dancers!



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