Munich Easter Tango @ SUR

2017 Munich Easter Tango @ SUR

Saturday – Monday: 3 days – 6 traditional milongas close embrace encuentro-style & 2 NeoLongas

For the Love of Tango

Munich Easter Tango Weekend @ SUR

Ostersamstag – Ostermontag 2017 / Easter Saturday – Easter Monday 2017
6 Milongas mit 100% traditioneller Musik / 6 milongas with TRADITIONAL music Encuentro-Style (26,5 Stunden / hours)
2 NeoLongas (8 Stunden / hours)
We love a good ronda and respect the códigos and we want you to do so too 🙂
On Saturday and Sunday we have a NeoLonga sandwiched between 2 traditional milongas. Dancers who prefer traditional only may want to take a break during those hours and come back for more traditional in the evening. Dancers who both styles of music will like the change. 🙂

Programm & Preise Abendkasse:

Samstag / Saturday:
13:00-17:00 Milonga TRADITIONELL DJ Olli Eyding (München) €15
17:15-21:15 NeoLonga DJ Kirill Krasikow (St. Petersburg) €15
21:30-1:30 Milonga TRADITIONELL DJ Chris Grohs (München) €15

Ostersonntag / Easter Sunday:
13:00-17:00 Milonga TRADITIONELL DJ Theresa Faus (München) €15
17:15-21:15 NeoLonga (DJ Sabine Drescher) €15
21:30-1:30 Milonga TRADITIONELL DJ Harry Wohlfart (Frankfurt) €15

Ostermontag / Easter Monday:
13-18:00 Milonga TRADITIONELL DJ Philippe Bouillé (Lorient, Bretagne) €16
18:00-23:30 Milonga TRADITIONELL DJ Anthony Cronin (Dublin) €16

ACHTUNG: Man zahlt zunächst für alle Milongas, die an dem Tag noch stattfinden, also maximal €45 und erhält gegen Eintrittskarte Geld zurück, wenn man nicht für alle bleibt (gilt nicht für VVK-Karten)

The fees include sweet and salty snacks and tea, coffee, tap water. All other drinks have to be purchased via the bar at extra cost.

Location of all milongas: Engelhardstr. 26, 81369 München-Sendling


Information on hotels near the Tango Weekend location can be found

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