15.4.-17.4.2017 Munich Easter Tango @ SUR – Jetzt anmelden – Registration OPEN

Munich Easter Tango @ SUR! Registration now open!

Saturday – Monday: 3 days – 6 traditional milongas close embrace encuentro-style

For the Love of Tango

Munich Easter Tango Weekend @ SUR


We love close-embrace dancing, we love a good ronda and respect the códigos and we want you to do so too 🙂

Ostersamstag – Ostermontag 2017 / Easter Saturday – Easter Monday 2017
6 Milongas in enger Umarmung / 6 Close embrace Milongas TRADITIONAL Encuentro-Style (26,5 Stunden / hours)
2 NeoLongas (8 Stunden / hours)
On Saturday and Sunday we have a NeoLonga sandwiched between 2 traditional milongas. Dancers who prefer traditional only may want to take a break during those hours and come back for more traditional in the evening. Dancers who both styles of music will like the change.
Confirmed DJs: Philippe Bouillé (Lorient, Bretagne), Harry Wohlfart (Frankfurt), Anthony Cronin (Dublin), Theresa Faus (München), Chris Grohs (München), Olli Eyding (München). Neo DJs Kirill Krasikov (St. Petersburg), Sabine Drescher (München).


Samstag / Saturday:
13:00-17:00 Close embrace Milonga TRADITIONELL DJ Olli Eyding
17:15-21:15 NeoLonga
21:30-1:30 Close embrace Milonga TRADITIONELL DJ Chris Grohs

Ostersonntag / Easter Sunday:
13:00-17:00 Close embrace Milonga TRADITIONELL DJ Theresa Faus
17:15-21:15 NeoLonga
21:30-1:30 Close embrace Milonga TRADITIONELL DJ Harry Wohlfart

Ostermontag / Easter Monday:
13-18:00 Close embrace Milonga TRADITIONELL DJ Philippe Bouillé
18:00-23:30 Closed embrace Milonga TRADITIONELL DJ Anthony Cronin

Preise / Fees:

  • Traditional pass (includes all 6 traditional milongas) €85
  • Neopass (includes 2 NeoLongas) €20

The fees include sweet and salty snacks and tea, coffee, tap water. All other drinks have to be purchased via the bar at extra cost.


Information on hotels near the Tango Weekend location can be found http://sutangomunchen.com/2017/01/31/hotels/

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